Tutorial: Minion Soap

To all the people that have requested my minion soap tutorial…HERE IT IS!!!

Before you start to make this please realize that it will take a heap of patience.

This is by far the longest post I have ever written.

Minion Soap Tutorial

Yields: 11 (4 oz.) bars of soap

Time: 3 days and 1 hour.

For embeds:


For the eye embed.

You will need three different sizes of PVC pipes. They will need to be cut 1/8″ shorter than the size of your regular loaf mold. I’m using an Essential Depot silicone 11″ loaf mold.

Lets get started.

Prepare your molds by covering one end of each PVC pipe with plastic wrap or if you’re as clever as Alkeylah from Halcyon Baths, plug up one end with a silicone mold. Seriously, you need to see that!



You may need to wrap it twice, to ensure that it’s nice and strong.

Next your going to need to support it somehow. I use a cup, with a dish rag to support each mold, it’s worked swell so far!

For the first 1/2″ PVC pipe embed, I like to use the basic soap recipe below.


However, if you have all ready have a recipe, just make the embeds following your recipe.


Prepare your soap batter, combining your lye solution to your melted oils.


Next add your preferred color. I used brown oxide from wholesale supplies plus, because most minions have light brown eyes.

Once it’s traced you can add about 1/4 oz. of your favorite fragrance.

Mix well, and pour it into the 1/2″ pipe.

Set this aside and let it cure overnight.

Once the soap has finished curing, remove the plastic wrap and place in the freezer for 5 minutes. Picture1a

The cooler temperature should cause the fresh soap to harden just enough to enable you to release it from the mold with ease.

Now, getting soap into the pipe is a whole lot easier than getting it out if the pipe. For those of you who have worked with PVC pipes for molds before…You know the challenge. You do, I know you do. Moment of silence….((*sob sob*)) Okay, so it’s not that bad.

For the 1/2″ pipe, I found a Crayola marker that fits inside of the mold just perfectly! You will need to wrap whatever object you use to help the soap along in plastic wrap. I turned the soap mold upside down, placed the top of the wrapped marker right in the center of the soap, turned it right-side up, and slowly pressed down to release the soap from the mold. This method works, but if you have another one please share! I am always open for suggestions (just not in the kitchen. They always want to tell you what to do in the kitchen.)


Oh, sweet marbled sausage soap! You know it looks like one…Just like one of those awful, what are they called? Obese-Jim? sausage things you can purchase at the checkout.


Yeah just like one of those…or any lunch meat product. It could be chocolate, if you squint.

Now that you’ve got your iris embed finished, it’s time for round two!

The white of the eye embed.


This is nearly a repeat of the previous embed, but there is going to be an iris inside of this one.

Just like before prepare your mold first, then make your soap how you normally would.


I chose to add some titanium dioxide from https://nurturesoap.com/ to keep the soap extra white!


Now, slowly pour half of the soap into the prepared PVC pipe.hdk

Gently push your iris embed into the white soap, making sure it stays mostly in the center of the pipe. Picture5

Once you’re sure that you have it centered, pour the rest of the white soap around the iris, and into the pipe.Picture4


Allow this to cure overnight. I know, WHAT???!!! AGAIN???!! Though I have thought about this, we are making a minion soap…we brought this on ourselves. Just think about that.

Once it has cured follow the same procedure as you did before.


Now this may not be very centered, but it will sure make the minion’s facial expressions change.

The final step to the eye embed!

Besides adding a nice gray color, this final step is a repeat of the last one!


I combined black oxide & titanium dioxide to achieve this nice gray color.


Gently sliding the eye embed into the gray soap. Making sure it is centered.



It seems as though I’ve run into a problem. I always have a tad bit of extra soap leftover.


Let it set up overnight, then release it from the mold in the morning.

The Hair


The hair embeds are surprisingly easy to make.

Simply make a small batch of embed soap, mix in a little black oxide, and pour it into the bottom of your regular silicone loaf mold. You could replace this (and the eye embed) with melt and pour base, but keep in mind that it tends to sweat when it is used as embed soap.



Cut the hair embed 4-5 times across lengthwise to make the little hairs.

The Minion Soap


big ole batchd

Once more, it’s your decision whether you want to use this recipe or not.

Prepare your silicone loaf mold and set it aside.

Slowly combine your lye solution with your melted oils. Blend until light trace forms.

I use natures garden “Monkey Farts” fragrance oil for my minions. The fragrance oil itself causes the soap to accelerate just a tad. So I separate the soap first, color it next, and add my fragrance last. If you’re using a different fragrance oil, just fragrance first, separate next & color last.

The colors I use are:

Yellow vibrance from nurture soap

Black oxide from wholesale supplies plus

A mix of Cobalt blue & teal from wholesale supplies plus and natures garden.


This time I decided to add a blue layer at the bottom! 😀


Pour your first layer into the mold, and pop it into the freezer 3 or 4 minutes. This prevents the next layer from breaking through the first one.


Next pour 1/3 of your yellow batter into the mold.

Gently tap it on the counter, to ensure all the little pesky bubbles have come to the top.

Let it set up for 3 minutes in the freezer.

black soap

Prepare some black colored soap for the strap of the goggle, and spoon it into a substitute piping bag, or a piping bag if you get to them before your little siblings do.


Now for the eye!

Once your soap has set up, get your eye embed ready.


Carefully set the embed down into the yellow soap. Keep in mind that it is still very possible to break through the layers at this point, even with all of that freezing.


Now for the Goggle Strap.

Remember that black soap in the piping bag? I’d hope so, you just read about it three pictures up.Well worry no longer about it taking up those four inches of counter space. It’s time to use it. Snip the corner off the tip of the piping bag.

Squirt a small amount of black soap into the ditches of the yellow soap. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Behold a photo to illustrate what I mean.


Once you feel comfortable, go ahead and pipe the rest of the black soap onto the sides.

“You: She could have just said that earlier!”

Yeah I know, but then I don’t get to come up with any weird names for the sides of the soap.


Smooth the black soap out, and pour the rest of your yellow soap over the eye and straps.



I love this color yellow! Don’t you?

Final step: The hair



You. Are. DONE!

Just let this sit overnight, and cut it open the following morning! You have just found soaping satisfaction.

new minon

The best (and hardest) part is that this it contains no melt and pour! This is all cold process soap.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have or it was helpful to you in any way, please comment below or send me an email. –> islandsoapster@gmail.com

If you do end up making some minion soap, be sure to send photos of your finished minion along with your business information to my email, and I’ll post it to the blog. Hopefully that will bring some business your way! 🙂














Reveiw: 3d Soap Stamps

I don’t know what you think, but I have always loved the look of stamped soaps.

It makes the soap that much prettier if its stamped.



After months of trying to make my own… I finally broke down and bought one from Etsy.

I am quite happy with the results that I got from this stamp.

rife life stamp

When it arrived, I thought it would be too small, but it was just the right size!






For the best detailed results I gently tap this with a mallet. I start in the center and work my way to the four corners.


You could just press the stamp into the soap, but this is what happens if you press rather than tap.


The ship’s wheel did not come out as detailed as I wanted it to. So I’d suggest tapping.

Clean up is really easy! Just run warm water over the stamp and use a small cleaning brush (I use a tooth brush) to get the leftover soap out of the letters.

I am very happy with my purchase from 3dsoapstampers! And the customer service was awesome! Thanks Jeanie!



Do you want a stamp? 3dsoapstamps does awesome work! Check out their web page and ask for a quote. http://www.3dsoapstamps.com/



Hopefully the next post I write will be the Minion Soap Tutorial.



Soap Swap: Ivy Rose Soap Co.

Hey everyone!

This month’s swap box is from Anna from Ivy Rose Soap Co.

Anna writes a blog that I have been following for sometime now.

I’ve been wanting to swap with her since last year, and now I finally have.

I swapped two of my soaps and a lip balm for these little pretties! (No, I was not trying to sound like the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of Oz, I know it sounded like that. Moving on.)

First let’s check out the packaging!






I love the way these soaps are packaged! I can smell them and I can see the design through the paper. I enjoy seeing how different and unique the packaging is for the soaps that I have recieved. Each soaper has their own creative way to wrap their soaps. I have not yet received a packaged soap bar that I have thought “Oh my…I think this needs something more.”

The first one I opened was the English Rose Soap.


Is that not gorgeous? It smells so elegant, with top notes of English rose & Geranium, bottom notes of fresh cut Primrose & Tuberose and a kiss of morning dew.


The melt & pour rose embeds are pretty! rosebu

The lather was incredibly bubbly.

The photo below was taken after it had been lathered up.


I had a fresh cut rose on hand, and decided to use it as a background prop.

Now, the Rainy Spring Garden


Look at the rain drops! The thing that I appreciate most about this soap is the grass layer; Anna swirled it in just the right spot. She also added sparkles to the clear melt and pour embeds, I can really see them shine through when I hold it up to the light.


This soap has to be my favorite of the three because of the amazing scent! It’s scented with a calming blend of fresh cut rosemary, thyme, clover, sage, sweet basil and a bottom note of warm clove. I can close my eyes and imagine myself gathering herbs from our garden right after a spring rain. (And then tripping and dropping all of herbs all over the ground, and trying to pick them up and accidentally stepping on them instead, and finally I imagine myself  on the ground crying, thinking of all the lovely things I could have made with the savory herbs. Now, that’s not the soap that made me imagine that part. What can I say? I am not too optimistic.)


Check out the lather!

Finally the Rainbow Energy bar!



Look at that awesome pattern! I’m going to have to ask Anna what pattern she used.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s a impressionist soap pattern. But whatever it is, it’s pretty.


This refreshing soap is scented with top notes of fresh citrus, middle notes of cucumber and jasmine and bottom notes of blackberry soda.



Look at the bubbles up against those vibrant colors, ooooh!

Swapping with Anna was really fun! And watching her make the soap is really fun too!

Check out Anna’s YouTube Channel

Try Ivy Rose Soaps, feel the lather for yourself

Follow Anna’s Blog

Want to swap with me too? Email islandsoapster@gmail.com


Thank you Anna!





Hand Carving My Soap Embeds

I have been asked how I make my embeds.

Now, I am answering this question through post.

First, I start out by making a small batch of soap. Then I pour it into a mold that is about 1/2″ smaller in length, than my standard loaf mold.


And that’s it!

You’re done!

Of course, I’m only joking.

After the soap has set up (about 15-20 hours later) You can release it from the mold, and get started.


I then cut the soap length wise to make two embeds for two loaves of soap. This is optional.


I use castor oil in place of my regular 2 ounces of olive oil in my embed soap. I find this helps to keep the soap really soft, which makes it easier to work with during the carving process.


Once you start carving, you can carve anything you want.



This particular embed is for a dentist themed soap.


Here is the finished tooth embed, ready to go in!



If your making a layered soap like I am, remember to let that first layer set up enough so that the embed stays in the right place, or in some cases doesn’t fall through the first layer.


The final product. It’s a rather pathetic tooth, but it looks like a tooth from something. And that’s what matters.


Here is a setting sun embed, that I made for my endless summer soap.


Notice that I have carved this one down the bottom to make it resemble a setting sun.



Here is my first endless summer soap.



But not all soaps turn out the way you want them to. Here is my new Endless Summer Soap.


Not only has the orange faded into a peach color, but the setting sun has fallen through the first layer. This really doesn’t make me think of a sun set, not at all!

Well I hope this post has been helpful to you.




Soap Swap: Meadowlark Soaps


Last week I swapped soap with Audrie Rucker of Meadowlark Soaps. Why? Because her products are AWESOME!

This is what I received from the swap:

Fresh Aloe & Agave Soap




The scent: Fresh cut aloe, exotic agave greens, and a touch of fresh citrus blended together to create this wonderful clean scent.

Now. Just take a moment to gaze upon the bubbles that this soap produced. Try to ignore the speck of ? , that managed to become part of the background in most of these photos.


Sweet Pea Soap (It smells so




The Scent: A bouquet of Sweet pea, Freesia, Violet, Plumeria, and soft, delicate musk.


Look at how creamy it is….(heavy breathing)


The lather of this soap was good and bubbly!


And A Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub (Which I have never had the pleasure of trying before.)


Of course I tried it! When I opened the box, that scrub was the first thing to be opened!


The scent matched the Aloe & Agave Soap that I received.

WHATDDThe sugar scrub smells soooo good! It really does soften your skin.



The soaps smell so wonderful! The lather of the soap is bubbly & excellent! The sugar scrub is superb! Thank you so much Audrie! This has been one of the best swap boxes yet!

See more of Audrie’s luscious soaps from our previous swap.

Check out Audrie’s online store

Want to swap soaps? Tell me more about it here







Royalty Soaps Bath Salts



In the midst of wrapping soap, my siblings came inside carrying a package.

It was from Katie White the owner of Royalty Soaps

I hastily stopped what I was doing, and opened the box.

Let me just say,


katie whites bath salts

The packaging was amazing, the business cards were equally as awesome, and the product itself was divine!



business cards

The fragrance: A perfect combination of jasmine & ylang ylang that’s lightly kissed with morning dew.


The scent, the color, calendula petals and the salts were exquisite!

yup i did

Thank you so much Katie!

Check out some other awesome products on Katie’s Etsy Page: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RoyaltySoaps?ref=l2-shopheader-name





Pictures Never Posted…

Because I was too lazy to post them.

I would be delighted to share with you that I am a very organized person.

I keep everything in alphabetical order, file all the soap photos by date, and keep all my fragrance oils in top-notch lines.

Nope. That’s the biggest joke ever.

I have never been organized. EVER.

There are times when I amuse myself by spending hours organizing my soap cabinets, only to see them revert to a chaotic jam in just a few moments.

I wish this wasn’t a problem for me, but alas it is.

Right now I have accumulated thousands of soap photos in different files all over the computer.

I have been meaning to add them to different post, but I failed to do so and now I’ve lost half of my photos somewhere on this computer.

This is all to say: “Here are some photos I found nestled at the bottom of the random folder.”

But I did find quite a few that I thought were blog worthy, so here they are.


Cinnanut Latte Coffee Soap


Cinnanut Latte cut


Surfer Girl (Pink Sugar Type) Goat Milk Soap


Surfer Girl Soap Cut


Custom Soap “Salt Marsh”


Custom Soap “Salt Marsh” Cut


Heart Swirl in “The Perfect Man” soap


Tidal Wave Soap


Evergreen Shave Soap


Just Soaps


Endless Summer with Pink lemonade mica from Nurture soap.


Gumdrop soap from 2014


Custom soap for interestingly enough the local dentist. With Sea green & Blue Lagoon Mica from Nurture Soap.


New Awapuhi Seaberry Wave Pattern soap with Sea Green & Blue Lagoon Mica from Nurture soap.


Aloe-ha! Soap with Kokum butter & Hemp oil.

What is the big deal with spa bars?

how i make

Spa bar is the common name of a soap that is comprised primarily of sea salt.

What are the benefits of using it?

Sea salt is a natural detoxifier, as the salt absorbs the toxins from the skin.

Sea Salt rejuvenates the skin and helps in reducing wrinkles and discoloration of the skin.

 People have used Sea Salt Soap everyday to get relief from acne and other inflammatory skin conditions.

The minerals found in sea salt helps to retain the moisture content of the skin. Sea Salt also acts as a barrier for the entry of germs, in your skin pores.

Sea Salt is used for naturally cleansing and revitalizing dry skin. Spa bars containing up to 50% of sea salt, have similar benefits to the skin.

After months of researching spa bars, their benefits, and different recipes, I started making them.

I have tried different methods, one being to add the sea salt to the lye solution. But this method has proved to be the BEST!



Here are the ingredients I will be using:

Yields: 48 ounces (3 lbs.) of soap.

8 oz. rice bran oil

2 oz. shea butter

10 oz. coconut oil

10 oz. olive oil

8 oz. hemp oil (you can substitute this with more olive oil, or grapeseed oil.)

10 oz. (organic sustainable) Palm oil

Lye solution:

7 oz. lye

17 oz. water

2.5 oz. Sea Salt


Prepare the lye-water first and set aside to cool.


Melt the oils on the stovetop on medium heat. (in a pot, after all you don’t want to be melting them directly on the stove top…you think it’s funny until your little sister is helping you make soap.) After the oils are fully melted, add your shea butter. This step helps to prevent the shea from becoming grainy during the congealing process. If you don’t care about the grainy consistency, just throw the shea in with the melting oils. When both the lye solution and the oils are below 95F slowly add the lye solution to the oils.



Mix with a stick blender until light trace.


Add the sea salt and desired fragrance and mix until they are fully incorporated.



sallltyI used Emerald Isle Sea Salt which by the way my Dad harvests by hand from the ocean.

I also used Nature’s Garden Ocean Waves fragrance oil for this soap. It’s an awesome oceany? scent. Although, I had to pour off some soap batter and add the fragrance to that, because the fragrance itself has a tendency to really accelerate trace! Then I mixed the fragranced soap along with the salt, into the rest of the soap.


Pour into mold, insulate and let the soap set up for 10-15 hours. Once the soap has set up (make sure it’s firm in the center), remove from the mold and cut. This soap sets up rather quickly, so you can cut the soap sooner rather than later. If you wait a long period of time the soap becomes crumbly and hard to cut. Let them cure for 5 weeks and BOOM you have finished your very own salt soap.

Kaboom! The finished soap.



And look how creamy it is.





I was pleased with the results and I wanted to share the recipe with you guys.

If you want to find out more about Emerald Isle Sea Salt, check our family site: http://www.rifefamily.com/



Nurture Soap Micas



Okay, quick post!

I recently watched one of Katie White’s Videos.

She mentioned Nurture soap.

I was out of mica.  I needed mica.

So I shopped around on the Nurture Soap online store. I then decided I would purchase a “Test order.” I purchased the following:

Blue Lagoon Mica 1 oz.

Island Sunset Mica 1 oz.

Pink Lemonade Mica 1 oz.

Potent Purple (free sample) Mica 1/2 oz.

Purple Vibrance Mica 1 oz.

Sea Green Mica 1 oz.

You cannot beat their awesome price & product!

Here are some of the results in Cold Process soap:

Island sunset & sea green mica
Red oxide, Red oxide and Paprika, Yellow oxide, Sea green mica, Blue lagoon mica, Purple vibrance mica


Endless Summer with Pink Lemonade Mica
Island Sunset, Sea green, and blue lagoon mica.
Purple Vibrance
Sea Green

I am quite happy with the finished color in cold process soap.

Get your own nurture soap micas here https://nurturesoap.com/