Bubble Wrap?!?!

photo (2)

What do you think of our new Oatmeal Milk ‘N’ Honey soap? Brambleberry  gave us the ingenious idea to use bubble wrap on the bottom of the mold creating a “Honeycomb” effect. This time, we thought you might like to see some pictures of the soap-making process. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Laying down the bubble wrap…..



Oils pre-measured in the container to the left…..


Goat milk ready to be mixed in.




The Lye goes in…..


Getting every last drop of honey…..
(That’s right! Real honey, folks!

Emily likes to add extra things to her soaps, going more than an extra mile to make them so much richer, and healthier than store bought soaps. Her favorites additives are: Shea butter, Honey, Cocoa, & Bentonite clay, though, not all at once of course!

Can you tell I’m proud?)


Pouring the soap mixture in!


After gently tapping the air out of the soap, a second bubble wrap layer goes on top……


As the soap cured, it changed color slightly, darkening to a deep, rich honey shade.

photo (2)

I think know our customers are going to love it once it’s completely cured!


Ps. We mixed in a few surprise fragrances from Nature’s Garden (to be revealed at a later date.)


10 thoughts on “Bubble Wrap?!?!

  1. The bubble wrap honeycomb effect is just perfect isn’t it? I too saw it first on Anne-Marie’s blog.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m still wondering where it’s going but one thing’s for sure…I’m passionate about soapmaking.

  2. Hi Abiola! Thank YOU for stopping by our blog! 🙂 Your soaps are so beautiful!!!! I’m excited to see where your soap takes you.

    1. James,
      If you make cold process soaps, you will need to soap at cooler temperature. If you are making melt and pour soap, you will need to pour at the lowest temperature possible. I find that spraying the bubble wrap with rubbing alcohol before pouring the soap base helps it to release from the soap. I hope this helps! -Emily

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