Photo contest and New Soaps

Enter to win a something free!!!!

To enter (if you already have not,) like Suds by the Sea, then send 2 photos that you think fit the themes to:

Be sure to include your name and address in the email as well.

Theme 1: Wild

Theme 2: Tame

There will be 2 winners that will receive a bar of soap and a free bath fizzy of their choice! (You can even request a soap that we have previewed on our Facebook page, but not yet in the store!

: ) cool huh?).

Winners will be notified through email, and finalist will get a 15% off coupon on the next order.

Deadline: May 30th

Judging will take place: May 31st and winners will be posted to our Facebook page and website June 1st .

We also Have new soaps available at our store!

Clean cotton


Pink lemonade

Bamboo and white grapefruit

We are still trying to promote our bath fizzies so the sale continues untill the 18th so get your order in soon! 🙂 Hope you all have a great fantabulous week! -Emily


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