And we’re back!

Hi there!
It’s been quite a while since we’ve posted anything, my apologies. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week! Emily has been making soap batch after soap batch and now we’ve finally gotten (almost) caught up on labeling, wrapping, cataloging, photographing, and updating our soaps. Phew! I made some design changes on the store and we’ve added a few more fragrances for our summer collection. Now we just need YOU to help us get the word out…

Here are some of our new fragrances (and some old ones were updated.) Let us know what you think! 😀


New Cucumber Splash soap (above) and Anjou Pear Blossoms (below) are sure to be refreshing, summer favorites!


Below: Soap, soap, and more soap!!!!


Next is Emily’s new Bamboo and White Grapefruit soap… Do you like it?!


On the tops of the Cherry Almond soap are little “flecks” of cocoa powder. (This one smells so good!)


By special request, Emily made the Spearmint and Rosemary soap pictured below. It’s smells very much like spearmint gum….


Lavender and Lemongrass. (What can I say? The name speaks for itself.)


Juicy Fruity also reminds me of a certain gum…. can you guess which one?


Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey has a new design as well… (below).


And last but not least, Lavender and Mint is finally cured!




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