A clean start to a new week!

Hey everybody! I am sorry to have let you down with the posting of soaps and such, but no longer will you have to wait, for I am posting pictures of sweet aroma that will have you bubbling with forgiveness soon!


I have been churning out soap loafs when I find the time to, as well as testing some fragrances in our body sprays! So you can bet I am busy! (Yet I find time to post this! ; ) )

Here we have Cranberry Spice! One of my absolute Favorites!!! It is a wonderful, festive, fall scent.

cranberry spice

Next Is Cool Water (Quite a masculine scent I might add.)

cool water

I made shampoo bars that we are currently testing out (poor us!) but more on that later!

Who is ready for fall? I am that’s why I made a batch of our seasonal Pumpkin Nut Biscotti!

pumkin wallnut

I managed to salvage some of the soap pecans from the failed chocolate cupcakes, and embed them into the top of some of the bars. There are also some soap chocolate chips in the top.

Now presenting the man you all know and love: THE PERFECT MAN!




I have been trying out different designs with this soap; I still have not found one I like. Have any suggestions?

Might I turn your attention to our new Cinnabun Soap?



I had a mite trouble soaping this one. The fragrance caused the soap to rice, (separate and turn to porridge.) so I had to sit there about an hour trying to figure out how to make it pull together.


It smells simply divine!!!


I was trying to make a soap similar to this cartoon design.

Cupcakes anyone?




For the past two times I have had bad experiences with making our bestselling soap cupcakes, our chocolate cupcake soaps did not in the least bit look desirable. Now I have improved enough to not be put to shame to post pictures of my cupcakes. These cupcakes are scented with Oatmeal, Milk ‘N’ Honey!

And last but not least, introducing our winter soap…..


Peppermint twist!


This is a rare blend of the two calming, yet invigorating essential oils; Wintergreen, and Spearmint.


If you are interested in pre-ordering any of the soap bars shown in this post, feel free to contact me @t islandsoapster@gmail.com

Hope you guys have an amazing week!



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