Back Home Soap co.

Hi Everyone!
I have been so caught up in things lately, that I completely forgot about posting this! So please find it in your hearts to forgive me.

Last month I got an email from a Miss Melissa, that I thought was too sweet to be true. She said that she had recently ordered some fragrance oil samples from Bulk Apothecary and was not too thrilled with one of the fragrances. So instead of just throwing it out, she asked if we wanted it. Since the Fragrance was ocean themed, it would fit in quite nicely with all the other soap scents. Filled with excitement, I quickly accepted the offer.
A few days later, the package arrived! I was so happy; I ripped into the package like a 3 year old on her birthday. Once opened, I found that not only had she sent the fragrance oil, but she also sent a bar of her handmade soap.

I like the mermaid fragrance it’s a blend of mandarin, melon, and a touch of apple. Middle notes: pineapple, violet, coconut, and jasmine. The bottom notes are: driftwood sprinkled sugar (what does sugar smell like?) and white musk. This may sound like a lot of fruit and floral, but surprisingly I smell less fruit and more white musk.DSC04774The Gingerbread soap is so creamy, and it smells so good! She put cinnamon powder in the soap to gently exfoliate your skin. And just look at that pretty swirl.DSC04784It was such a pleasant surprise, I had to share.

To see more of Melissa’s Beautiful Soaps check out her website —> Back home soap co.



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