Laurel Creek Naturals Soap Swap

Just the other day, I received a package from Kirsten Henderson of Laurel Creek Naturals.

She and I agreed to swap soap, and this is what I received!



When I thought about swapping, I did not expect to get all of these goodies! I thought “A bar of soap would be nice.”  She sent me the following:

Daydream Believer Soap Bar

Cashmere & Cotton Soap Bar

Banana Coconut Lip butter (Let me tell you that stuff is ah-mazing!)

Two hand-knit face scrubbies        



My little sister Ellie and I opened up the carefully packed box together, and she immediately fell in love with the rainbow face scrubby and the Cashmere & Cotton.  I love everything! If I had to pick a favorite soap though, it would be the Daydream Believer. However I am a huge fan of clean, fresh, linen smells.  Speaking of smells, let’s talk about the scent of these lovely soaps.

Daydream Believer is an herbal soap, scented with a perfect blend of Lemongrass and Lavender essential oils.


Cashmere & Cotton is a warm, soft, powdery blend of cashmere, bergamot, sandalwood, vanilla, cotton, all embraced by patchouli and white musk. Boy oh boy does it smell good! And look at the pretty periwinkle blue on this bar! I have a soft spot in my heart for periwinkle.


Not only do these soaps smell great, and look beautiful, they leave your skin feeling so soft! Kirsten incorporates silk into her soap recipe, which makes the finished bar have a unique, luxurious “silky” feel to it.


Look at those soap tops!


The Lip Balm is Amazing! It’s flavored with banana and coconut, and it feels as though you are rubbing coconut cream pie onto your lips! But this pie last a whole lot longer. ; ) It really does a marvelous job at  keeping your lips moisturized.



Look at these awesome face scrubbies! My little sister Sarah has adopted knitting and crocheting into her rainy-day activities, so she really appreciated the hand-knit scrubbies. I let her keep one, because she kept asking me: “Em, could I keep this. Can I have this to keep?” She and I both agree that they work wonderfully.  


Love the packaging!





That business card looks awesome! Don’t you think? 


I know, it is 2014 and we do have colored photographs, but I can’t stop myself.



Thank you so much Kirsten! It was fun to swap with you, and I look forward to seeing your future soapy creations.

If you would like to see more of Kirsten’s creations, check out her Facebook page!








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