Meadowlark Soaps Swap

Hey everyone!

Guess what I got in the mail last week…That’s right soaps!!!!!!!

I love receiving swap packages, they hold such wonderful surprises!

This particular package was from Audrie Rucker from Meadowlark Soaps.


She sent me the following:

Gardener’s Soap Bar

Ocean Mist Soap Bar

Mint Lip Balm

The soaps

The first soap I unwrapped, was the Gardener’s soap.




This bar is a super exfoliating, sudsy, dream! It’s scented with a calming blend of fresh rosemary, thyme, sage, clover, basil and a bottom note of lavender.


Look at that gorgeous layering job! Audrie that looks amazing! I have tried many times to achieve perfect layers, and failed.

The next one was the Ocean Mist soap.


The design of this soap is so amazing! I have not seen a diagonal pattern in cold process before. This must have been hard to achieve.


Not only does the soap smell awesome but it looks like an ocean at sunrise! Or sunset. Such a gorgeous bar!



Last but certainly not least, was the Mint Lip Balm.


I am a sappy pine tree when it comes to lip balms, I love all of them! The ratio of different butters and oils gives each one a unique consistency. This particular lip balm has MANGO BUTTER in it! Mango butter has similar qualities to cocoa butter and shea butter in the way of the consistency and benefits, except it contains a higher level of fatty acid making it a more intensive moisturizer. The lip balm also has an mild taste of cooling mint, and leaves your lips feeling moisturized.



The performance of the soap and lip balm was top-notch!

I really enjoyed swapping with Audrie, and learning a little about her and her family.

A huge thanks to Audrie Rucker, for her amazing soaps!





6 thoughts on “Meadowlark Soaps Swap

  1. Wow. That ocean mist soap really has a light, breezy look. The use of clove oil in the herbal soap gets my attention. Even a little clove oil changes things around in a hurry. I’m impressed. Great pictures too.

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