We got a package…

Yesterday my coffee time was interrupted by Sarah and Judah flying through the front door. “We got a package!” Judah announced. “Yeah, it says Emily.” Sarah said pointing to the name. I set my coffee down and read the shipping label, just to be sure. I grabbed it up off the counter. “It’s from Kirsten!” I announced to the air. Sarah (Who went back into the school room) raced back into the kitchen. “Wait, is that the girl who sent you the other cotton soap, and the face scrubbies.” She asked, taking the package from my hands and smelling it.

“Yes, now quit smelling it and we can open it.” I grabbed my camera and the two of us went to the front porch.

Now, you can probably guess from the photos on my blog, that I always take the soap pictures on my front porch. Why? Well, when I did my first soap swap, I wanted to take photos of the soap I had received.  However every place that I tried, the pictures did not do the soap justice. Too much shade, too much light or bad background.  As a last resort, I tried the front porch.  I was really happy with how the soap pictures came out. They looked just like the soap did in real life.  So that’s my photo shoot area for now.

So on to the soaps.

Miss Kirsten sent me the following:

Mint Chocolate Chip Soap Bar

Watermelon Taffy Soap Bar

And a cute little knit sheep


Mint Chocolate Chip



The packaging (for both bars): Natural brown cardstock wrap around, Bold lettering very easy to read the name of the company and soap. Each side of the wrap has either ingredients or directions. And the back has information on how to find out more about her products online.



The Scent: A strong blend of sugary vanilla, cool peppermint, and chocolate, all topped with thick whipped cream. It smells amazing! Especially if you love mint chocolate chip ice cream. Honestly, I want to eat it or at least taste it.


The Lather: Nice creamy, silky, and bubbly lather.

Look at the little soap shavings inside of that mint green soap! I really love this design. Nice work Kirsten!

Water Melon Taffy


The scent: A sweet juicy blend of sweet ripe watermelons, lemon, and sugary taffy. A very good watermelon scent. Smells sweetly divine! Sarah is especially fond of this soap.


Design: A beautiful rose pink with poppy seeds on top of an ultramarine green, layered in the fashion of a water melon slice.



Lather: Excellent, Creamy and bubbly lather!



The sheep is super cute! Abbie (5 years old) loves it to pieces. I am not sure if this is such a good thing, because every time I try to put it in my room, she finds it and takes it away. I have not yet had a chance to photograph the sheep, when I do I’ll post photos.


DSC08458Look at the TOPS!!!!


Isn’t Kirsten just, the best?

Wouldn’t you like to try some of her soap? The Mint Chocolate Chip soap?

Kirsten is in the process of opening an online store! YAY! (*slow clap *faster clap *applause *cheers!)

While we wait for that, check out her Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/LaurelCreekNaturalSoaps






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