A piping good post! :)

Hey everyone!

Today I am going to share with you guys a step by step tutorial on how to pipe soap tops.

Step 1: Snip off the corner of a large zip lock bag; slide a coupler into the opening (couplers allow you to change tips without emptying the bag of soap) I did not use a coupler this time because I only needed one tip for this particular design. Choose a frosting tip and twist it on.


Now I am sure you’re wondering how this is going to become a practical piping bag…




You can use a pastry bag, made for frosting cakes; however you may find this way more cost effective and convenient for piping with large quantities of soap. Today I am using 2 ½ cups of soap to pipe with.  If you want a shorter top, you can change the amount of soap you use for piping. My piped tops range between 1-2 inches.

Next you’re going to place the bag, tip down, in a tall glass. Once the bag is in the cup, it’s helpful to open the bag as wide as you can. I find folding the cuff around the rim really helps.


Once the soap is at a pudding consistency, It is ready to pipe.


Put the soap inside the bag with a spatula using your other hand, scraping the soap against the side of the bag to release it.


Do be careful with how much soap you place in the bag. Raw Soap batter squishing out the top is not fun to clean up. I leave 3-4 inches of the bag empty, so I will have plenty of room to twist the bag shut. Now unfold the cuff.


Remove the bag of soap from the cup, and gently twist the top shut.


Now you are ready to pipe! 😀



This particular design is a layered one, so I went ahead and did my layers before I filled the piping bag.




If you practice on parchment paper, you may scrape off the soap and use it again.


I absolutely love Nature`s Garden Coconut Lime Verbena Fragrance oil! I use coconut milk in this soap to give it a really creamy lather.


If you are using coconut milk in soap, keep in mind that it does speed up trace. It can be worked with, if you are used to moving fast with soap. If you are planning to do an intricate swirl pattern on the inside, it’s best to not use coconut milk.




I am doing a simple dot piping for this soap, nothing too extravagant… But in the past I have used different tips.


For this carrot cake soap I used a 6 point star tip.


For these soap cupcakes I used a 7 point star tip.


For this hot process apple pie soap, I used a flat ridged tip


For this black Raspberry Vanilla soap, I used a 6 point star tip.


The second time I used a 5 point tip. I really love this tip.


The only limit is your creativity, and how many tips you have…



5 thoughts on “A piping good post! :)

  1. Wonderful post! I love making hot process soaps, and cold processing. I tried piping and failed, lol! This tutorial makes me want to try again! And eat the soap. Yum, I love coconut.

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