Soap Swap: Halcyon Baths

Okay, I know what you guys are thinking “Why is this blog still running? she hasn’t posted anything in years!”

I must apologize for lazing around, when it comes to frequently posting on blogs I confess, that I am not committed.

I am sure you can find it in your little hearts to forgive me.

Miss Akeylah from Halcyon Baths sent me a wonderful thing….That’s right folks, a package of soap! Not just any soaps luscious, gorgeous, creamy soaps.

Ellie came through the front door with a package in her arms. “Hey, Emily! This one is yours! It has your name on it.”

“I think I know what that is!” I almost screamed, grabbing the package from her arms. The first thing I did was smell the package. I know that may sound strange, but you really can smell the soap through the package. Really. You can.

I gently opened the parcel in my lap, and removed the contents from it.

march2015 329

Each bar of soap was wrapped individually in wax paper, and labeled with an economical paper card.

The first one I unwrapped was the ACV test shampoo bar.

This soap was not scented, but surprisingly it had a pleasant smell.

The next one I unwrapped was the Desert Mint.

Honestly, this has to be the best mint soap I have ever smelled!

The last one I unwrapped is was the grainy mandarin bar.

This had a pleasant light scent that smelled slightly like anise & orange essential oils.

Then there was the simply wonderful lotion bar.

march2015 342

I have super sensitive skin, Hypersensitive even! (Okay not that sensitive.) I have eczema on my arm, and this lotion bar was just what the doctor ordered (If I listened to doctors.) It really soothes the skin, and smells good too! The lotion bars I have made in the past are unscented, this bar being infused with herbs, smelled quite pleasant.march2015 341

I love this oil-resistant packaging!

The ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) shampoo bar

march2015 332

Being a soap maker, I have been trying to formulate a good shampoo bar recipe.  A shampoo bar that really worked wonders, I have tried numerous recipes and have yet to find what I am after. However the shampoo bar that Akeylah gifted me was just that! Wonderful, Natural, Bubbly Shampoo that lightly conditions the hair, all packed in a little bar! Akeylah, I would have to say that the test was successful. The Shampoo really is amazing; I am going to have to buy a bar from you!

march2015 334

march2015 335

I think this soap is hot process? I am not quite sure… but it is amazing!

The Desert Mint

march2015 323

How could one describe such a crisp, cool, minty fragrance? This soap had an amazing, creamy, bubbly, lather. Akeylah really did a great job with this soap; she has brought out the best in peppermint essential oil. Trying to achieve a strong, yet not eye-burning scent from peppermint essential oil is difficult. The menthol in peppermint essential oils causes a pleasant cooling sensation, but too much of that is not always “pleasant.’’ This soap weighed a whopping 8 oz. and it has lasted a while!

march2015 328

march2015 326

Gorgeous Bar! I simply LOVE it!

The Grainy Mandarin

march2015 316

march2015 317

Okay, are you seeing this perfectly beveled round soap? I love the look, feel, smell, and lather of this soap! It contains  horsetail leaves, colloidal oatmeal, almond meal, and forbidden rice, which makes it really lather up.

march2015 320

The scent really pulls through when you lather it up with warm water. I love mandarin essential oil, but I’ve never used it in soap. (I am scared the scent will fade when I add it.) So this was a pleasant experience. It has given me confidence to try using the essential oil next time I make soap.

march2015 318

Thank you soooo much A! I love all of this so much, honestly I was nearly in tears when I saw the shampoo bar!

You have to check out her blog!!!


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