Nurture Soap Micas



Okay, quick post!

I recently watched one of Katie White’s Videos.

She mentioned Nurture soap.

I was out of mica.  I needed mica.

So I shopped around on the Nurture Soap online store. I then decided I would purchase a “Test order.” I purchased the following:

Blue Lagoon Mica 1 oz.

Island Sunset Mica 1 oz.

Pink Lemonade Mica 1 oz.

Potent Purple (free sample) Mica 1/2 oz.

Purple Vibrance Mica 1 oz.

Sea Green Mica 1 oz.

You cannot beat their awesome price & product!

Here are some of the results in Cold Process soap:

Island sunset & sea green mica
Red oxide, Red oxide and Paprika, Yellow oxide, Sea green mica, Blue lagoon mica, Purple vibrance mica


Endless Summer with Pink Lemonade Mica
Island Sunset, Sea green, and blue lagoon mica.
Purple Vibrance
Sea Green

I am quite happy with the finished color in cold process soap.

Get your own nurture soap micas here


2 thoughts on “Nurture Soap Micas

  1. I’ve been meaning to try nurtue soap for a long time. I need to order the purple vibrance for a peppermint plum soap I’m making. Do you think it would stay the same in goat’s milk soap?

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