Pictures Never Posted…

Because I was too lazy to post them.

I would be delighted to share with you that I am a very organized person.

I keep everything in alphabetical order, file all the soap photos by date, and keep all my fragrance oils in top-notch lines.

Nope. That’s the biggest joke ever.

I have never been organized. EVER.

There are times when I amuse myself by spending hours organizing my soap cabinets, only to see them revert to a chaotic jam in just a few moments.

I wish this wasn’t a problem for me, but alas it is.

Right now I have accumulated thousands of soap photos in different files all over the computer.

I have been meaning to add them to different post, but I failed to do so and now I’ve lost half of my photos somewhere on this computer.

This is all to say: “Here are some photos I found nestled at the bottom of the random folder.”

But I did find quite a few that I thought were blog worthy, so here they are.


Cinnanut Latte Coffee Soap


Cinnanut Latte cut


Surfer Girl (Pink Sugar Type) Goat Milk Soap


Surfer Girl Soap Cut


Custom Soap “Salt Marsh”


Custom Soap “Salt Marsh” Cut


Heart Swirl in “The Perfect Man” soap


Tidal Wave Soap


Evergreen Shave Soap


Just Soaps


Endless Summer with Pink lemonade mica from Nurture soap.


Gumdrop soap from 2014


Custom soap for interestingly enough the local dentist. With Sea green & Blue Lagoon Mica from Nurture Soap.


New Awapuhi Seaberry Wave Pattern soap with Sea Green & Blue Lagoon Mica from Nurture soap.


Aloe-ha! Soap with Kokum butter & Hemp oil.

What do you think?

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