Soap Swap: Meadowlark Soaps


Last week I swapped soap with Audrie Rucker of Meadowlark Soaps. Why? Because her products are AWESOME!

This is what I received from the swap:

Fresh Aloe & Agave Soap




The scent: Fresh cut aloe, exotic agave greens, and a touch of fresh citrus blended together to create this wonderful clean scent.

Now. Just take a moment to gaze upon the bubbles that this soap produced. Try to ignore the speck of ? , that managed to become part of the background in most of these photos.


Sweet Pea Soap (It smells so




The Scent: A bouquet of Sweet pea, Freesia, Violet, Plumeria, and soft, delicate musk.


Look at how creamy it is….(heavy breathing)


The lather of this soap was good and bubbly!


And A Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub (Which I have never had the pleasure of trying before.)


Of course I tried it! When I opened the box, that scrub was the first thing to be opened!


The scent matched the Aloe & Agave Soap that I received.

WHATDDThe sugar scrub smells soooo good! It really does soften your skin.



The soaps smell so wonderful! The lather of the soap is bubbly & excellent! The sugar scrub is superb! Thank you so much Audrie! This has been one of the best swap boxes yet!

See more of Audrie’s luscious soaps from our previous swap.

Check out Audrie’s online store

Want to swap soaps? Tell me more about it here







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