Soap Swap: Ivy Rose Soap Co.

Hey everyone!

This month’s swap box is from Anna from Ivy Rose Soap Co.

Anna writes a blog that I have been following for sometime now.

I’ve been wanting to swap with her since last year, and now I finally have.

I swapped two of my soaps and a lip balm for these little pretties! (No, I was not trying to sound like the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of Oz, I know it sounded like that. Moving on.)

First let’s check out the packaging!






I love the way these soaps are packaged! I can smell them and I can see the design through the paper. I enjoy seeing how different and unique the packaging is for the soaps that I have recieved. Each soaper has their own creative way to wrap their soaps. I have not yet received a packaged soap bar that I have thought “Oh my…I think this needs something more.”

The first one I opened was the English Rose Soap.


Is that not gorgeous? It smells so elegant, with top notes of English rose & Geranium, bottom notes of fresh cut Primrose & Tuberose and a kiss of morning dew.


The melt & pour rose embeds are pretty! rosebu

The lather was incredibly bubbly.

The photo below was taken after it had been lathered up.


I had a fresh cut rose on hand, and decided to use it as a background prop.

Now, the Rainy Spring Garden


Look at the rain drops! The thing that I appreciate most about this soap is the grass layer; Anna swirled it in just the right spot. She also added sparkles to the clear melt and pour embeds, I can really see them shine through when I hold it up to the light.


This soap has to be my favorite of the three because of the amazing scent! It’s scented with a calming blend of fresh cut rosemary, thyme, clover, sage, sweet basil and a bottom note of warm clove. I can close my eyes and imagine myself gathering herbs from our garden right after a spring rain. (And then tripping and dropping all of herbs all over the ground, and trying to pick them up and accidentally stepping on them instead, and finally I imagine myself  on the ground crying, thinking of all the lovely things I could have made with the savory herbs. Now, that’s not the soap that made me imagine that part. What can I say? I am not too optimistic.)


Check out the lather!

Finally the Rainbow Energy bar!



Look at that awesome pattern! I’m going to have to ask Anna what pattern she used.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s a impressionist soap pattern. But whatever it is, it’s pretty.


This refreshing soap is scented with top notes of fresh citrus, middle notes of cucumber and jasmine and bottom notes of blackberry soda.



Look at the bubbles up against those vibrant colors, ooooh!

Swapping with Anna was really fun! And watching her make the soap is really fun too!

Check out Anna’s YouTube Channel

Try Ivy Rose Soaps, feel the lather for yourself

Follow Anna’s Blog

Want to swap with me too? Email


Thank you Anna!






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