Soap Photos: Laurel Creek Naturals


Just wanted to take a moment to share some soapy pictures with you!

I ordered some soap from Laurel Creek Naturals. Why? Well, simply because I ADORE Kirsten’s soap!

I know, I make my own soap… but her soap is too good to pass up.

No joke, this is some of the best soap you’ll ever try!

So if you haven’t ordered from Kirsten before, you had better write it on your “to do” list, save some money aside and order some Laurel Creek Naturals soap.

Of course Kirsten sent me some extra goodies along with my order.

bag too

She also included a little homemade zip-up hand bag. It is really cute!


This is my favorite bar out of this box.


It has such a delicate floral scent, almost like a cherry blossom.


I really love the look & smell of this Honey I bathed the kids soap.


psychPsychedelic smells like a complex citrus & fruit blend.


Oh I’ve always had a special spot in my heart for Sweet Pea. I don’t know where Kirsten gets her fragrance oil from, but I need to find out! This has a more complex smell then the regular sweet pea soap that I have made in the past.


Yep, she included extra wax tarts!


Black raspberry Vanilla & Cucumber Melon

spiceeThe Apple Spice tart smelled so good! I think it’s my favorite.

I didn’t get many pictures of the cucumber wax tart only because once I opened it, I had to use it! It smelled so good! Green, clean, fresh cucumber & sweet, juicy melon blended together. You can’t blame me for wanting to try it out.

lcnkirstenThe opening of the lip balm was also immediate! I simply had to try it!

I hope these soapy pictures made your day just a littler brighter.

Thank you so much Kirsten! 🙂



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